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Water Crisis in Canada

May 9, 2022

We often spend a lot of time talking about the Global Water Crisis in places like Africa and the Middle East. It is truly desperate there, don’t get me wrong – but how many of our fellow Canadians really know just how dire the situation is in our own backyard?

The Government of Canada has made a big show about how it’s living up to it’s promise to get our First Nations communities clean drinking water, and absolutely, some progress has been made. A lot of research has been done. Millions of dollars have been spent on feasibility studies and explorative research and on outrageously expensive water treatment facilities that end up simply not working. While we’ve ended some of the BWA (Boil Water Advisory) notices in First Nations communities, many remain. Some have been going on for 15-20 years. In Canada. Our country has more freshwater than the rest of the world combined but we can’t seem to get it to our FN communities? Why is that? 

Is it because existing desalination and water purification techniques are not up to the task? Or is it because it’s so prohibitively expensive to build these facilities the government will do anything it can to stall the day when they actually have to start paying for it? We’re not experts on government policy. We are experts on water. We can do better. Our technology is cost effective and easily deployable to these communities. We are just beginning to reach out to contacts in the First Nations communities and to the government directly, to offer our services and products to these communities that so desperately need them. 



One of the reasons we were inspired to make a website, and a blog and try and reach out to the general public was because we know that the average person is just as tired of government inaction on this as we are. They just have no idea how to help. Well, we have a way. We need you to make some noise! Call your local MP and tell them about the technology that we have right here in Canada that can solve every single one of the water issues First Nations communities are facing. 

Our technology was originally designed to clean Frac water – and still does. It can handle anything you throw at it, and that includes the rivers and aquifers that make of First Nations land. Not only that, but our system is small enough that it can be deployed directly where it’s needed, quickly, and it can be done for a fraction of what the government is currently paying to “investigate” the possibility of a traditional water treatment solution. 

So get out there and make some noise for us! Share this blog post, follow our social media, call your MP, and bring this problem up at your dinner parties. Mention to your friends and family that you’ve heard of a local technology company making WILD claims about it’s ability to clean water. We are here and ready to prove it. We just need to been seen enough to be given the opportunity. Will you help us?

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