Our company has developed a ground breaking method of water purification and desalination that is more efficient than anything the world has seen before. Our system can make the dirtiest water drinkable, at any scale, at a cost that is attainable for the whole world.

We understand that our claims may seem boastful – we don’t mind.

The math backs up our claims, and as we begin development of our machine we will be most pleased to share that journey and it’s success with the world right here on this website.

While the news might precipitate disaster ahead, the staff here at Western Frac Vap know that the future, of clean water at least, is looking bright.


Less Energy than Reverse Osmosis




Our proprietary technology uses cutting edge science alongside time proven methodology that has been used for hundreds of years to clean water. We’ve learned from what works, and what doesn’t, and we’ve brought together a system that cleans water previously considered uncleanable. It does it using a fraction of the energy current systems use at a fraction of the cost.


Wastewater Treatment and Drinking Water treatment facilities are multi-million dollar operations. This leaves poor nations and isolated communities up the river when it comes to safe, clean, drinkable water.

The majority of our savings come from the fact that our technology is built from the ground up with Green in mind.

Fully compatible with traditional power sources, our system still saves money over traditional water treatment methods like reverse osmosis. It was designed, however, to be used with renewable energy like solar and wind.


The ADAPTS system can clean any water you throw at it. It is purpose built to separate whatever contamination you need from the water and leave you with nothing but clean, delicious drinking water.

We mean any water. We have not yet come across a water so dirty that our system couldn’t clean it.

Whether you want to clean up the dirty tailings ponds left behind by frac’ing or fix a contaminated aquifer next to heavy industry our process can handle it.


Whether you’re cleaning up the waste water left behind from your construction site or providing drinking water for large urbanised cities, the ADAPTS systems can be built to service your needs.

They are purpose built to fit into whatever infrastructures they are required for.

We built them with heavy industry and the everyman in mind. While not quite small enough for general consumer use (yet) our facility can be packed onto a couple of sea cans and deployed anywhere they might be needed.

pay attention Environment Canada. We need your help!

World Changing Technology

Our process is more efficient than existing desalination plants, and small enough to fit on the deck or in the hold of a sea vessel.

The ADAPTS system can be deployed in the ballast water treatment industry.

It can be used to provide municipal drinking water to remote communities or large cities.

It can be integrated into existing heavy industry infrastructures to eliminate their negative effect on the aquifers around them.

The use case scenarios are as endless as they are exciting. The process has been tested and verified by independent water labs like Element. 

It is going to make a lot of noise.